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Cemetery Plots For Free

The Plot Exchange allows a free ad on its state-of-the-art, 100% secure, searchable, Website: www.plotexchange.com.

If you sell your cemetery plot (grave, mausoleum crypt or cremation niche) within 1-month, just cancel the ad and you will never be charged a penny!

If your cemetery plot has not sold within 1-month, and if you decide to continue advertising with The Plot Exchange's service, then the ad will incur a $5.95 monthly fee (less than a fast food meal).

Here's how it works:

  1. Place your ad on The Plot Exchange for free.

  2. If you sell your cemetery plot within 1-month, cancel the ad and you will not incur any costs.

  3. If you do not sell your cemetery plot, you may cancel within 1-month and not pay a penny.

  4. You can continue with The Plot Exchange's service until your cemetery plot is sold for the low cost of only $5.95 per month. You may cancel at anytime, no long-term commitment!

The benefits of selling cemetery plots with The Plot Exchange:

  • Free 1-month ad, no strings attached
  • The most trusted industry Website
  • Include up to three photos with your ad
  • Low cost ad after free 1-month, only $5.95
  • Cancel anytime, no long-term commitments
  • Access to a professional cemetery broker
  • Around the clock exposure of your ad
  • 24/7 live access for ad management, edits, deletions, etc
  • Your email is not published in ad (for spam prevention), but email contact via ad is provided through a secure email form
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