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Answers About Selling
A Cemetery Plot

  • Question: Is my cemetery plot ad really free?
  • Answer:   Yes, absolutely free for 1-month.

  • Question: What's the difference between a free and a paid ad?
  • Answer:   Your free ad enjoys all of the services of a paid ad.

  • Question: Why is The Plot Exchange giving away free ad space?
  • Answer:   Please read Info About Free Ad for this answer.

  • Question: Is your website secure?
  • Answer:   Yes, 100% secure using the latest technology.

  • Question: If I cancel my ad within 1-month, will I be charged?
  • Answer:   Not a cent - absolutely not - this is a free 1-month ad.

  • Question: How will I cancel my cemetery plot ad?
  • Answer:   Just log into the member console and click "cancel."

  • Question: Are photos of my cemetery plot allowed in free ads?
  • Answer:   Yes, you may include up to three photographs.

  • Question: What information will I need to place my free ad?
  • Answer:   You will need the following information available:

    • The cemetery's zip code
    • The cemetery's street address (optional for map)
    • A credit card (Master Card, Visa, Discover or AMEX)
    • A valid email address
    • Digital photos (optional)
    • Description of your ad
    • Less than 10 minutes of your time to place ad

  • Question: Is your Website exposed to the public?
  • Answer:   Search engines list us on page one "cemetery plots"

  • Question: I want to place my cemetery plot ad, now what?
  • Answer:   Go to our 100% Secure Order Form

  • Welcome to the Internet's #1 Website to sell cemetery plots!
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