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Sell your cemetery plot with a free classified ad from PlotExchange.com!

The Plot Exchange was the internet's first resource for the resale of cemetery property and is now the only website to "truly" provide a free classified ad with which to sell your cemetery plot for free.

In the right-hand column of all the pages within this area of our web site, you will find links to our competitors (imitators). After taking a few minutes to fully verify our free ad offer, we invite you to examine them confident that you will return to The Plot Exchange for your free ad.

The Plot Exchange invites sellers of cemetery property (plot, mausoleum or niche) to utilize our service for free.

You may be asking yourself, "How can that be?"

The Plot Exchange is the brainchild of Michael D. Martin, a State of California licensed cemetery broker and funeral insurance agent, with over a decade of active cemetery property sales experience.

Martin began publication of The Plot Exchange because "the public is generally unaware of cost-effective approaches in purchasing and selling cemetery property and making funeral arrangements."

Since 1999, many imitators - mostly nonprofessionals - have set up shop on the internet in hopes of getting rich quick.

These imitators are making claims and promises they cannot keep or deliver.

This has motivated Martin, who published The Plot Exchange mainly as a public service project to inform the general public of a cost-effective alternative for advertising and selling cemetery plots.

The Plot Exchange's public service commitment now offers a 1-month free ad on The Plot Exchange (no up-front monies, no gimmicks, no tricks, no cons, and no chicanery!). Read More about this free offer....

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