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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Cemetery Plots and Graves

Questions and Answers Concerning Cemetery Plots

Q: How quickly will I sell my cemetery plot?

    A: You should receive offers within the first three-months. However, depending upon your asking price and popularity of the cemetery, your cemetery plot should sell within one- to six-months

Q: How do I protect myself from Internet scams?

    A: All cemetery property ownership transfers (between buyer and seller) must be recorded through the offices of the cemetery. Please exercise caution when responding to any prospective buyer's transfer of funds requests. Scam artists prey upon the unsuspecting, and unfortunately it is most commonly the elderly who fall prey. Always use common sense when proceeding with a buyer. The old adage still rings true: 'If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn't.'

Q: What measures should I take to ensure transferability of my cemetery property when I find a buyer?

    A: The very first course of action is to contact the cemetery where the plots are located. Ask to speak with a sales counselor or transfer agent to notify of your intention to sell and have "Change of Ownership" forms mailed to you in advance. Having the proper documentation beforehand will serve to expedite the transfer process. Oftentimes, a buyer will need your plot immediately.

Seek the advice of cemetery personnel to provide the steps necessary in order to satisfy their specific transfer requirements.

The exchange of title and payment between buyer and seller is a private matter. However, be advised that experienced third party services (working for the benefit of both parties) do exist (https://www.escrow.com/index.asp?PID=4648)

Q: Free Cemetery Plot Ad: I want more information on the free ad, where can I find it?

    A: Please see our Free Cemetery Plot Ad Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: I have not received an email about my pending order, or that my order has been approved, or any other automated email responses from PlotExchange.com, why?

    A: Please check the spam/junk folder within your email software. Many email providers will mark any automated email as spam/junk and there is nothing that PlotExchange.com can do about that. BUT, you can change the settings within your email software to allow all email from PlotExchange.com to be delivered to your inbox - and to not treat email from PlotExchange.com as spam/junk email.

Q: How do I reactivate, cancel or unsubscribe my cemetery plot ad?

    A: Per PlotExchange.com's "Terms of Service" - all ad cancellations, and/or edits must be initiated through the "Manage Your Ad". The "Manage Your Ad" allows you to update any information associated with your ad, and/or to cancel your ad, and/or to reactivate your ad.

Click Here to access "Manage Your Ad"; if you need your password sent to you Then Click Here.

Q: I have a complaint about a funeral related service provider, how do I file it?

    A: Please see our Cemetery Plots Resource Page.

Q: Is my cemetery classified ad purchase and personal information secure on PlotExchange.com?

    A: Yes, all financial transactions are secured by GlobalSign (a leading internet security company) and are processed by Authorize.Net (a leading internet payment gateway). Your financial and personal information are encrypted and cannot be read by anyone other than PlotExchange.com personnel. PlotExchange.com will never share, sell, or otherwise release your information to any 3rd party. To read our privacy statement, click here.

Q: Can I advertise my mausoleum crypt or cremation niche on PlotExchange.com?

    A: Yes. The reason why we do not specifically mention crypts and niches in our advertisement is because the word "Plot" is used as a generic term for space within a cemetery. "Plots" refers to property within a cemetery that is used or intended to be used for the interment of human remains. The word "Plot" may also apply to more than one adjoining graves, mausoleum crypts/vaults or cremation niches.

Q: Why should I advertise my cemetery plot on PlotExchange.com versus other sources of advertising?

    A: PlotExchange.com utilizes todays technology to provide the most efficient cost effective means of exchange between buyers and sellers of cemetery property. Our business philosophy has endured the test of time. This philosophy is to avoid the middleman by selling directly to a buyer who purchases value. PlotExchange.com never charges sales commissions, initial listing or broker fees.

Accessibility is a crucial factor for effective advertising. Our advertisers enjoy 24/7 exposure to prospective buyers who learn of PlotExchange.com through the highest search engine rankings which the internet provides, routine mailings to specific organizations associated with funeral services and lastly, through promotional press. Word of mouth is always the most effective means of advertisement and our internet services have assisted thousands since 1999.

We encourage everyone to be suspicious of any source promising to sell your plot, regardless of method, requiring PAYMENT IN ADVANCE.

Q: What price should I charge for my cemetery property?

    A: A reasonable rule of thumb is to establish a price based upon 70% of the cemetery's going price - be willing to negotiate with buyers. Another factor for consideration is how much does the cemetery charge for comparable plots in their least expensive price range, including discounts. Your pricing strategy should vary depending upon the popularity of the cemetery.

Q: How do I show my cemetery plot to a prospective buyer when I live in another state?

    A: A full description of your plot should be contained within your PlotExchange.com classified ad and is readily available to the reader.

Q: Why do some of the ads listed on PlotExchange.com indicate for sale by broker?

    A: The origin and continued commitment of PlotExchange.com is to offer consumers alternative choices, inclusive of traditional means, of selecting cemetery property. In general, brokers offer a variety of property listings oftentimes disseminated throughout any number of cemeteries. If only one consumer is served by a broker facilitated ad, not only has PlotExchange.com provided a means of exchange but more importantly, we have fulfilled our commitment to consumers. Credentialed cemetery brokers are welcome to advertise with PlotExchange.com. If you are in need of an Orange County California Cemetery Broker, visit www.orangecountycemeterybroker.com.

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